We are a multimedia agency with 12 years’ experience in the field of commercial photography.Ben Bandimere, Premier Photography, LLC

Professional Photography Services

People are visual learners, so professional quality photos and videos are vital components for capturing an audience’s attention and ensuring your company’s message has the intended impact. Commercial photography captures the essence of your product. It conveys the professionalism you want customers to see in your products and services. It tells the story you want to illustrate the value in your business over your competitors. Premier Photography, LLC can help make that happen.

We are a multimedia agency with 12 years’ experience in the field of commercial photography. We understand the need for consistent branding, proper aesthetics, attention to fine detail and professional presentation. Trust us to put the best images in front of a target audience with the intent of drawing interest and engaging potential buyers.

Professional commercial photography is one of the many services Premier Photography, LLC offers our clients to provide a greater impact, no matter what your individual message may be. We provide high-quality photos and video of your products, services, events, facilities, real estate and much more. Our professional images can be used for product packaging, brochures, billboards, sales fliers, promotional materials, social media and website design. Our commercial videos are also multifunctional and feature motion stabilized views and tastefully animated graphic titles.

Commercial photography to grow your business

Premier Photography, LLC has focused the past three years on helping to successfully market residential and commercial properties. We offer interior, exterior and aerial options to showcase a property, presenting all its possibilities to potential buyers. We currently supply dozens of real estate clients a competitive edge with professional quality MLS- and social media-ready images and video, and we will do the same for you.

Pictures showcase your products, telling customers what you offer and what sets you apart from the pack. Those products can be as diverse as organic juices and fishing lures. Whatever you have for sale, we can take the high-quality pictures that will make your brochures or web pages pop. We know how to produce photographs and videos that will help your products speak to prospective customers.

Perhaps you need head shots of your staff for a website or video of your customers giving testimonials about why your products are the best bargain on the market. Maybe your marketing campaign needs landscape photos or video to illustrate how environmentally friendly your business model is. Possibly you offer a service rather than a product. A professionally produced video or quality commercial photography more dynamically demonstrates services like equine therapy, pest control procedures and other services than text alone.

Let us make your vision a reality

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Call Premier Photography, LLC today to see how we can best put our professional photography and video services to work building your business. We are centrally located in the Arkansas River valley area, serve all of Fort Smith, northwest Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma, and we offer a quick turnaround time from request to project completion. Let us preserve your message, whatever it is, in professional photos and videos to reach the widest audience possible.